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Emergency Boarding Up Service

We will secure your premises immediately. Miller Glass LLC is on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your emergency board up needs. Our professional board up service can help you minimize potential damage to your property prior to a storm or help you secure your property after an unexpected disaster occurs.

Protect your property and prevent further damage after disaster

Emergency Boarding Up Service
Emergency Boarding Up Service

The Miller Glass LLC emergency board up service includes:

  • Initial assessment of your property after storm or fire
  • Initiate board up plan to prevent further damage
  • Pre-planning board up to prevent hurricane or storm damage
  • Coordinate removal of board up for insurance adjuster accessibility
  • Coordinate construction department for smooth transition to repair sequence

Miller Glass LLC has the expertise,equipment and resources to board up residential properties, as well as commercial properties.

Our team can effectively board up doors, windows, garage doors, roofs, large bay windows, roofs and other areas identified by our inspection process.